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National Audio Company In The News:


Wall Street Journal News Article

The WSJ web and print versions
 included an article about National Audio Company November, 2017:

  Cassette Comeback Requires New Tape Manufacture



KY3 News Article

KY3 News
 featured an article about National Audio Company November, 2017:

  Cassette comeback: Local tape manufacturer expanding to meet worldwide demand



CNN News Article

The CNN web site
 posted an article about National Audio Company June, 2016:

  Throwback on a Comeback: The Last Cassette Tape Factory


Rolling Stone Article

The Rolling Stone magazine web site
 posted an article about cassettes that featured National Audio Company April, 2016:

  Why the Cassette Tape Is Still Not Dead


Rolling Stone Article

ARS Technica
 posted an article featuring National Audio Company December, 2015:

  Retro-tech: 2015 was an astounding year for one cassette tape factory


Rolling Stone Article

The Marketplace web site
 interviewed Steve Stepp and posted the story November, 2015:

  How one company is keeping the audio cassette alive



NBC News Article

NBC Nightly News 
featured National Audio Company in a segment broadcast October 4, 2015:

  Old-School Cassettes Make Comeback as Consumers Yearn for the Antique


Bloomberg News Article

Bloomberg News 
did a feature on National Audio September 1, 2015:

  This Company Is Still Making Audio Cassettes and Sales Are Better Than Ever. It waited out 20 years of technological advances in audio and is now cashing in on a movement back to tapes. Dust off your Walkman.



Time Magazine Culture Article

Time Magazine
interviewed National Audio in a story about the 50th Anniversary of the cassette tape. See it in the August 12, 2013 issue, or click here:

 REWOUND. On its 50th birthday, the cassette tape is still rolling.


National Audio featured in The Springfield Business Journal:

 Making It Sound Good for Over Forty Years


National Audio mentioned in Milwaukee Magazine:

The Cassette is Back - Milwaukee Magazine


National Audio featured on Fox Business:

Before iTunes and CDs, There Were These





 An article by author Mark Coleman in CNN September 6, 2013

 Can cassette tapes be cool again?


 Todd Wolenski of Baldy Longhair Records:

 Will Tapes Make a Comeback?


Steve Stepp, President of National Audio Company, Inc., is quoted in an article in The Wall Street Journal:  

Miss the Hiss? Fanatics Flip for Tunes on Cassette Tapes 

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