Choose from Norelco Boxes (Hard plastic cases that accommodate J-cards) or Soft Poly boxes for your individual tape needs. Pre-perfed J-Card stock and labels compete a DIY package. For a multi-cassette presentation we offer a full line of albums with full art traps and capacities up to 24 cassettes.

Storage, Protection, Great Appearance for individual cassette tapes and sets of 2 tapes. Norelco boxes are the classic hard plastic cassette package. Soft Poly boxes are break-resistant and provide a snug fit on the cassette.

Albums are the ideal way to create a multi-cassette set or to include literature in a protective package with your cassette. They house from 1-to-36 tapes and have open art traps (clear outer sleeve) to allow you to design and insert full coverage artwork.

Get Laser or Inkjet blanks to print your own labels and inserts for your cassette boxes. Click here if you need a template for printing Cassette Labels, JCards, or Cassette Album Inserts.

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