• Manufacture of Audio Cassette Tapes — Made to Order, Private Branding and our own Audio Pro line • Analog-To-Digital Transfer Services — and Digital-To-Analog • Audio Cassette Duplication and Custom Packaging • Digital Media Duplication and Printing — DVD/CD/BLU-Ray • Audio Engineering Services • Audio Archiving of Recorded Media

For everything you need to know about cassette duplication, visit our duplication website, cassetro.com. If you already know how to use our service, you can find the links to the current templates and forms here.

National Audio's audio engineers convert recordings from analog media to digital formats with professional results. Collections can be preserved and distributed for use in current equipment.
And they convert digital to analog just as skillfully for production on tape or vinyl.

National Audio offers full printing and duplication services for your project on CD, DVD or BLU-Ray media, including packaging, full-color inserts, and assembly.

CD/DVD Duplicating and Printing

National Audio Company's staff of trained sound engineers optimize your recorded masters for the receiving media of your duplication.

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