Audio Pro High Bias Chrome Plus 60 Minute Cassette [30 Min/Side]

Back in clear shells with clear liner.
771 Chrome Plus C-60 tape in retro packaging. National Audio's own Audio Pro brand of labeled professional blank cassettes.
Tapes come in 10-pack boxes.

• High bias Chrome Plus tape
 Clear Sonic Type II tabs-in cassette
• Labeled on both sides
• Each cassette packed individually in all clear Norelco box
 Clear over-wrap, heat sealed on cassette box
 J-card packed with each cassette 
• 10-pack wrapped in shrinkwrap
80 per master carton

Item #: 771-C60PB
Our Price: $1.41
  (min 10, max 10000)

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Box pack of 10 cassettes in Norelco Boxes        
Box pack of 10 cassettes in Norelco boxes        


Which tape type is right for you?

• MUSIC FERRIC tape has a frequency response of 50 Hz to 16 kHz. It offers deep “booming” bass, “warm” mid-range and excellent high frequencies up to 16 kHz (the upper end of most people’s hearing range).

• CHROME is a special tape weighted toward high frequencies. Frequency response is 100 Hz to 20 kHz. Chrome also offers +4 db output compared to Music Ferric. It is recommended for music with synthesizers, electronic “soundscapes” and other nonconventional instruments.

• CHROME PLUS “CP-EXTRA” tape is the ultimate Type II audio tape designed for high-speed duplication. With uniform output from 50 to 20,000 Hz providing better tone balance, CP-Extra is the best choice for music recordings. CP-Extra is up to 4 decibels “hotter” than other chrome tapes.


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