50200 Cassette Laser/Ink jet "KISS CUT" Labels 100 Sheets/1200 Labels

Self adhesive labels for cassette tapes. 50200 is the better choice for inkjet printers and when designs have a plain background.

"KISS CUT" Laser/Ink jet Labels White $16.00 per pack or $15.00 each package when you buy 10 or more. Ink jet and laser compatible. Recommended Software: Label Creator Pro, Labelsnap, Label Pro, Ace Labelware 5.0 for Windows, Sticky Business for Mac or Avery 5198. Design Templates: Right click on link and choose "Save Target As..." word document templateS502.doc -MS-Word Template for Design ApplicationsS502.pdf -Template Measurements and SpecificationsM502.pdf -Specs

Label 10 pack discount
  • buy 10 to 10000, save $1.00 each
Item #: 50200
Our Price: $16.00

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